Aloha Neighbors,

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we learn, how we work and how we play. It has also changed how we do campaigns and elections.


I ran for office in 2018 because I care deeply about the community that has raised me and generations of my family. I believe in giving back, working hard for our community and effectively advocating for us at the State Capitol.


Because you and your ohana are my main concern, out of respect for your ohana’s health, I will not be knocking on your door during this election. COVID-19 is still a danger and the risk of community spread remains. Although I appreciate talking with you at your door, I don’t want to risk the health of our community, especially our Kupuna.


I do want to keep in touch with you. Instead of knocking on your door, I will continue to remain in touch with you safely. Please contact me (808) 384-0567 or by emailing I look forward to addressing your needs.


Mahalo for the privilege of serving you and I humbly ask for your continued support and your vote in the upcoming General Election.


With Much Aloha,